COSMOS (Creating Organisational Structures for Meaningful science education through Open Schooling for all)

uses socio-scientific inquiry-based learning as a pedagogical means for opening up schools to their communities through a transformation process, aiming to create new partnerships within communities that can foster science education for all citizens, irrespective of gender, ethnicity or cultural background. To transform and open schools from an 'inwards' to an 'outwards' mode of engagement in, with and for their communities, our open schooling approach is unique in combining key pivotal elements of innovative constructivist pedagogy, teacher education, and transforming school organisational culture. We will establish Core ORganisational structures for Promoting Open Schooling (CORPOS) in primary and secondary schools to facilitate community engagement.

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Kick-off meeting of COSMOS project

was held online on 18th-19th of January 2022 due to Covid travel restrictions. More than 30 attendees took part in on-line meeting, including entire project consortium and external advisory board. Utrecht University, a project coordinator, provided COSMOS background, goals and project overview. Partners shared their experience about open schooling framework, Communities of Practice and the ways of implementation of COSMOS concept into schools´ practice. The general work plan and project milestones have been specified as well as evaluation and dissemination tools. Next meeting is planned face-to-face in Sweden in June 2022.