COSMOS teachers learning in and as a community

Teacher Professional Workshop meeting took place in Technology Center Prague, 15th & 16th November 2023.

Teacher Professional Workshop was organized as a part of Teacher Professional Development Programme developed in the COSMOS project and led by Beit Berl College from Israel. The almost 40 participating teachers from primary and secondary schools came from Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden and United Kingdom. Due to the international conflict in the Middle East was the participation of the Israeli team impossible.

The programme focused on implementation of the SSIBL approach and open schooling structures. Participants worked partly in plenary but mostly in international and national teams and presented their experience from the 1st wave of implementation in the form of posters and then prepared specific ideas for the 2nd wave. The field trip to Prague school (Scio school Prague 6) was a part of the programme.

The feedback of participants was very positive, teachers highly appreciated the opportunity to discuss ideas and get inspiration for own work at school.